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Your Pics

We have a brand new page dedicated to your pet pics!

Please Email us your pet pictures to  [email protected]

and include your dog/s name/s and a brief comment, and we may include them on this page, please be aware that by emailing them to us you are also giving us permission for them to be shown on the dog doza website/s. 

Ruadhruby enjoying the sun on her new bed

Ruadhruby enjoying the sun on her new bed

Marc Fricker

Dog Doza Style lounger with very happy new owner

Our Flat Coated Retriever puppy (yes, puppy) was suspicious of the bed for a couple of days – mainly because he couldn’t get the stuffing out of this one – but now is a convert as you can see!  Reilly is 9 months old and has not a care in the world!

Lorna Landells

We bought the bed for new puppy Barney. However, despite having her own Doza bed, Stella has claimed this one, too but Barney's managed to sneak in.

Doza Style Lounger Memory foam and waterproofFrom
Glenys Davis

We bought a bed for each of our westies, Jessie and Barney, but they have decided to share one today. The beds arrived yesterday and are a great success!!

Thank You

Here is Patsy our Greyhound
Patsy fast asleep in a dog doza lounger memory foam bed
Who has nicked the bed we bought for our Lurcher, Hamish!

As you can see she is very happy in there, listening to Lullabies so I can get some work done!! Yesterday, she slept for over 2 hours in it! 

Luckily, she is a petite Greyhound, but unluckily for Hamish!!

Great product!

Best wishes

Lorna (in Chichester)

Toby happy in bed

Toby happy in his dog doza lounger
My happy doggy!

Emma Philip

Cassie another happy customer

Cassie a very happy dogHere's a photo of a very happy dog with her new bed.  I had read that some dogs took a couple of days to get used to the feel of the beds. Well, not in this case.  Cassie loved hers. In fact she doesn't like sharing it. You get a quick nudge if you try.  Another bonus the colour matches my suite.

Size of bed shown : Round - Medium 90 x 90 x 25cm

Anne Skinner from Cheshire


My wife Jan and I have a 5 yr old Labradoodle Pringle who loves his new Dog Doza bed and we do too as it is smart, very durable and so easy to keep clean. We are getting a new Flatcoated Retriever pup soon and will be getting a DD bed for her as well and it should resist her little teeth as much as possible. I am a dog trainer www.pjdogtraining and would readily recommend your products to my customers.
Best Wishes
Phil Jackson

2 more lazy doggies


Just email your pet pictures to [email protected] and include your dog/s name/s and a comment or two and we will may include them on this page,